The last meeting of the Business Council in the Technology Sector was held in Thessaloniki

The last day of the meetings in Thessaloniki, held on 15.09.2023, served as a platform for demonstrating innovative solutions developed by Greek start-up companies, reflecting on the series of meetings and exploring opportunities for cooperation with businesses from the Bulgarian network.

The meeting started with an exciting presentation of cutting-edge technologies developed by Greek startups. A prototype robot designed and built by a Greek startup captivated participants with its advanced features and potential applications in various industries. Additionally, a data analytics platform developed by another Greek startup demonstrated its capabilities for using data to make informed decisions and optimize business.
Following the presentation, participants engaged in a reflective discussion about the series of meetings, expressing satisfaction with the insights gained, connections made and collaboration opportunities explored during the sessions. The positive feedback highlighted the value of the meetings in promoting knowledge exchange, networking and collaboration in the technology sector.
As the end of the meeting approached, attention turned to potential cooperation with businesses from the Bulgarian network. The participants discussed possible areas of cooperation, including joint ventures, knowledge sharing initiatives and cross-border projects aimed at stimulating innovation and economic growth in both countries.
Overall, the final day of the Thessaloniki meetings served as a fitting end to a series of productive and impactful discussions. Participants left with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and commitment to use collaboration, innovation and technology to address shared challenges and unlock new opportunities for growth and development.

The meeting was organized by the association "Development of culture tourism environment" - DE. CU.T.E. under the project "Business Council - BC 6275" financed by INTERREG V/A GREECE-BULGARIA 2014-2020 program, Subsidy contract №B6.3a.18/13.04.2021.