Launched the project "Business Council - BC 6275" funded by INTERREG V / A GREECE-BULGARIA 2014-2020, Subsidy contract № B6.3a.18 / 13.04.2021.

Association "Development of innovative start-ups" is a beneficiary of a project funded by the program Interreg Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020, 6-th call.

Currently, in partnership with two organizations from Greece - Development for Culture, Tourism, Environment of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and Entrepreneurship support foundation, and the association "Institute for Development of European Civil Society" we are implementing a project related to the establishment of 7 business councils in Bulgaria and 7 business councils in Greece.

The INTERREG V-A Greece-Bulgaria program aims to expand entrepreneurial activity in the eligible region and to improve the capacity of SMEs to penetrate foreign markets as well. In addition, the program will improve cross-border cooperation in flood risk management and develop and promote the cultural and natural heritage of the border area for tourism purposes. In addition, the planned actions will lead to the improvement of the joint groundwater and surface water management system. They will also improve the accessibility of the cross-border region, which in turn will reduce the travel time of people and goods and make traffic safer. Finally, the program aims to expand social entrepreneurship in the border area, which will lead to increased levels of employment in social enterprises and more social services provided in municipalities with poor socio-economic indicators.

The priority sectors for the program are:

  • Agro-food industry
  • Waste management sector for recycling or Energy
  • Renewable energy and energy saving sector
  • Sustainable tourism sector
  • Healthcare
  • Materials - Technologies
  • Textile industry sector

Participants in business councils can be representatives of priority sectors, branch organizations, chambers and confederations, local government and district administration.

The business councils will discuss business problems, exchange experience, know-how and trade with Greece, hold periodic meetings and free trainings.

Business councils will play a key role in promoting non-business issues when needed, through the use of the media, hold regular meetings to hear business issues, promote non-business issues when needed, through the use of the media. media, will assist the business in resolving current issues, will assist by referring certain issues to the relevant institutions.

Membership will be free and desirable, and all members will be provided with access to expert resources on business topics, access to free training, contacts with Greece, the opportunity to pose and solve problems, exchange know-how and experience with Greece and contacts at the international level.

The role of NGO "RISK" in the work of business councils is to:

  • Providing full support to business councils related to organizational and administrative needs;
  • Organizing free trainings and exchange of experience for members of business councils related to innovations, sources of funding, European practices, etc .;
  • Administer all identified problems and take steps to solve them;
  • Engaging the institutions to solve the problems;
  • Arranging and moderating of periodic meetings of business councils;
  • Preparation and distribution of press releases to regional and national media in connection with the activities of business councils and the topics they work on;
  • Full resource provision of the work of the business councils - provision of halls, materials, moderator, technical support, etc.
  • Building an online platform for digitizing the work of councils