On April 12, the last regular meeting of the Business Council in the Textile sector was held in Kirkovo

On 12.04.2023 at 13:00 in the village of Kirkovo, the last regular meeting of the Business Council concerning the Textile sector in the border regions of Blagoevgrad, Haskovo, Kardzhali and Smolyan was held, and the activity is carried out under the project "Business Council - BC 6275" financed by the INTERREG V/A GREECE-BULGARIA 2014-2020 program, Subsidy contract No. B6.3a.18/13.04.2021.

Six representatives of the sector from the border regions of Haskovo, Kardzhali, Blagoevgrad and Smolyan attended the meeting. The meeting of the Textile Business Council was held in the meeting hall of the Municipality of Kirkovo. It was provided technically, being equipped - multimedia, portable computer, printer, as well as information boards, banner and presentation materials, according to the requirements of the Communication and Publicity Guide of the Interreg V/A Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020 program. In addition, disinfectants were provided, as well as water, coffee and tea to ensure the event's coffee break.

The moderator of the event welcomed all the attendees by making a brief presentation of the Rules of Procedure of the BS in the Textile sector. After that, a free discussion started on issues of BS members.

The focus of the free discussion was on the opening of new jobs in the textile sector on the territory of the municipality. |The textile industry has strong positions on the territory of the municipality. The sewing enterprises employ a large part of the inhabitants of the municipality. Unfortunately, however, a large number of young people leave their hometowns to seek a living in larger settlements, as well as because of the more attractive pay, better health facilities, social life, etc.

Council members are of the opinion that young people could stay in their hometowns if they had a stable and well-paid job. Thus, at least a small part of the serious demographic problem in our country will gradually find its solution.

The processes described above depend entirely on the private interests of the large employers in the area, therefore the members of the council came up with a proposal, through the mediation of the local authorities, to organize open days in which the employers could present information about the development opportunities that the textile industry provides .